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Pedicabs are a practical luxury in New York City. At about four feet wide, these bicycle drawn carriages are rarely stuck in traffic. This makes them popular with adventurous and resourceful locals who need a way around the daily grind. Visitors to the city are drawn in by the convertible tops, which allow for an awesome view of New York’s fine architecture and landmark attractions.
Pedicabs are a reliable choice, available in rain or shine. Every canopy is equipped with a waterproof windshield, can provide cover from all the elements.

Taking a ride with is more than a means of transportation. It is an interactive experience in which you can learn all about the city and what it has to offer. Whether you’re looking for fine art, good eats or trendy hot spots, your driver and liaison to the city will keep you in the know.

We strive to always provide you with personalized service. We are dedicated to making your occasion a complete success. In following with that goal we remain flexible and supportive to whatever ideas you have for your special event.

We have been a part of more than one wedding proposal. We are happy to help out any way we can, including making a trip to the store for you and picking up flowers, Champaign and decorations, leaving your date both impressed and caught off guard. Bachelorette/bachelor parties are welcome.

Pedicabs are ideal for parades and festivals. We are willing to travel to any location, to be there when you need us. has been a part of various television productions, which include the Food Network’s Celebrity Food Fight, Eat This with Dave Lieberman and TLC’s Random Acts of Duff, and more. In the industry of television and media, where time is money.

Contact Information
For more information or for reservations please call 212-777-8884 or send us an email at

We are experienced pedicab operators and native New Yorkers who will work to make your experience the most successful one possible. Whether it's navigating midtown traffic or a carriage ride through Central Park, we provide the highest quality service with greatest reliability.

We are happy to accommodate parties of any size. Allow us to give you, your friends and family a tour.
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Advertising Opportunities
Available on our pedicabs, receive the greatest value for your advertising dollar by featuring your company name on our Pedicabs. Have your advertisements seen in Times Square and the general midtown area via our vehicles.
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About has been seen on TLC's Random Acts of Duff and The Food Network's Eat This with Dave Lieberman. For more information click below.
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PonyCab in the Food Network's Eat This

Random Acts of Duff is quickly earning a reputation for reliable and professional service. Whatever the scale of your production we promise dependability and most of all fun!

Get the most from your advertising dollars by featuring your business logo on our pedicabs. There are various dimensions available for posting, with the largest measuring 30”x 30” (adjustable). There are no minimum purchase commitments; making this a great way to ensure your ad receives maximum exposure while catering to your particular budget.

Beyond advertising, we can serve as an extension of your marketing campaign by providing our receptive audience of riders with information about your company, products or upcoming events. Contact us to discuss the wide array of possibilities.
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